Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen: Reflecting on the Declaration of Independence and Dependence

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Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, famous for his profound insights and eloquent teachings, offers a unique attitude on the Declaration of Independence and the concept of dependence. His reflections invite us to delve deeper into the foundational ideas that formed the United States and discover the inherent interplay between independence and dependence. In this article, we take a look at Archbishop Sheen’s mind on this critical topic, providing treasured insights into the relationship between freedom, self-reliance, and our reliance on a better power.

Understanding Independence:

The Declaration of Independence, a seminal record in American history, articulates the kingdom’s central values of liberty, equality, and self-governance. It boldly proclaims the inherent rights of individuals and their right to pursue happiness and self-dedication. While independence is frequently associated with autonomy and self-sufficiency, Archbishop Sheen reminds us that genuine freedom isn’t always determined in isolation however in the acknowledgment of our dependence on something greater than ourselves.

The Interplay of Dependence:

Archbishop Sheen emphasizes the paradoxical nature of human life, where our pursuit of freedom and individuality is intertwined with our dependence on others and in the end on God. He argues that authentic freedom isn’t always a lack of constraints but alternatively a harmonious balance between recognizing our barriers and embracing our interconnectedness. Our dependence on God and our relationships with fellow human beings is critical to a significant and purposeful existence.

Dependence on God:

For Archbishop Sheen, dependence on God is at the center of our human revel. He highlights the profound expertise in recognizing that our skills, competencies, and even our very life are presents bestowed upon us. Our acknowledgment of God as the ultimate supply of our leads us to humility, gratitude, and a feeling of obligation to use our freedom in the carrier to others. This dependence on better electricity gives a non secular foundation that guides and sustains us.

Dependence on Others:

In addition to our dependence on God, Archbishop Sheen emphasizes the importance of recognizing our dependence on others. Human beings are inherently social creatures, and our lives are intertwined with the ones around us. We rely on one another for aid, collaboration, and boom. Our interdependence fosters an experience of community and shared duty, challenging us to transcend self-interest and paintings for the not-unusual excellent.

The Dignity of Dependence:

Archbishop Sheen’s teachings on independence and dependence remind us that recognizing our dependence on God and others no longer lessens our dignity or organization. Instead, it complements our humanity by way of fostering humility, empathy, and a deep feeling of interconnectedness. By embracing our dependence, we domesticate virtues including compassion, generosity, and harmony, which might be crucial for building a just and harmonious society.


Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen’s reflections on the Declaration of Independence and its dependence offer profound insights into the nature of authentic freedom. While independence is a cherished cost in American society, Archbishop Sheen reminds us that real freedom is not observed in isolation but in embracing our dependence on God and our interconnectedness with others. This knowledge of dependence does now not decrease our dignity but enhances it because it permits us to domesticate virtues and work closer to the not-unusual exact. As we reflect on Archbishop Sheen’s teachings, we are invited to foster a deeper appreciation for the delicate stability between independence and dependence and the transformative strength it holds in our lives and society as an entire.

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