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Key events

88 min: Burnley waste another set-piece, trying to work it short before the hoof into the box is dealt with by Everton.

88 min: Benson wins a corner after McNeil gets in the way of his cross.

87 min: More changes for Burnley, with Redmond and Tresor entering the fray.

86 min: Benson collects the ball out on the right and whips in a ball deep into the Everton box but Keane cleans up the danger.

85 min: Everton are starting to look a bit weary, their first-half hassling catching up with them.

83 min: Benson replaces Bruun Larsen for Burnley as Brownhill whips into the box… and Foster gets a head on it, with the ball travelling wide.

82 min: Tarkowski takes Amdouni down, and Burnley have a free-kick out in the centre-right region. Beto replaces Calvert-Lewin for Everton.

79 min: Amdouni flicks-on with a header to Bruun Larsen, who plays it back to Berge on the edge of the box, and he smashes a shot onto the crossbar! Apparently Bruun Larsen was offside so, yeah, not much drama there in the end.

77 min: Odobert’s lovely feet send Patterson breakdancing out on the left wing before passing to Vitinho… who launches another cross into the hands of Pickford.

76 min: Vitinho launches a hopeful cross from the left, and it’s easily collected by Pickford.

74 min: “With Keane and Onana having landed blows, all Everton need is a Tarkowski power header off a corner for the TKO,” writes Peter Oh. Even without a goal, Tarkowski’s had a fine game.

73 min: Foster shows off his quick feet on the right to beat his man and play in a cross, eventually winning a corner… which causes no issues for Everton.

71 min: All rather messy at the moment out there in the middle, with no real chances emerging. Burnley have more of the ball, but barely any bite.

69 min: Time for a change: Burnley bring on Al-Dakhil for Delcroix.

66 min: Bruun Larsen crosses in from the right… and a Blue head is there to play killjoy. It just ain’t happening for Burnley.

64 min: Pickford makes a terrific save moving to his left after Amdouni advances down the right channel and hits a thunderous drive from outside the box.

Jordan Pickford dives to maker the save
Jordan Pickford pushes away a rocket from Amdouni. Photograph: Nick Potts/PA

63 min: Garner whips in a dangerous, deep ball and Trafford struggles to deal with it… it’s chaos in there with all those bodies, and the ball strikes the post, possibly twice. Burnley live on, however.

62 min: The livewire McNeil wins a corner for Everton after his cross is blocked.

61 min: Bruun Larsen tries to play in Amdouni, who goes down in the box, trying to claim a penalty – but he’s simply been undone by Tarkowski’s strength and anticipation.

59 min: Keane plays a sparkling long ball wide out to McNeil, who takes it down beautifully on the left before launching in the cross – it’s dealt with by Trafford, though.

58 min: Bruun Larsen’s corner is poor, and Burnley haven’t caused enough trouble with their own set-piece efforts.

57 min: Bruun Larsen, probably Burnley’s best player today, lines it up for his right foot – but the wall is struck and it’s out for a corner. Tarkowski was the man who got in the way.

56 min: Burnley win a free-kick from central, shooting range…

55 min: Calvert-Lewin jumps into O’Shea, who was trying to get a defensive head on it – the Everton striker doesn’t get punished with a yellow.

53 min: Burnley get rid of the corner, but can’t keep a hold of the ball to launch a counter.

52 min: Garner has a go at goal, with Trafford getting a touch that leads to a corner.

51 min: Harrison hassles O’Shea into conceding a throw-in out on the left for Everton. The midfielder, who is being a nuisance, then wins a free-kick out on the wing.

50 min: Foster has a go on target, but it’s without power and pace – nonetheless, Burnley have begun well this half.

49 min: Burnley are seeing plenty of the ball, and Vitinho plays a lovely little reverse pass to find Bruun Larsen inside the box, on the right, but the cross goes straight into the hands of Pickford.

48 min: Bruun Larsen plays a gorgeous low ball across the box from the right, but no Burnley shirts get on the end of it, with the ball running away for a corner.


A change for Burnley, with Lyle Foster on for Jay Rodriguez. Everton have one too, with Dobbin on for Doucouré.

“Everton are getting a proper stomp on back up the table,” writes Bill Preston. “These last few games, filled with thrilling heroics, are going to make the end of season run in considerably less terrifying for the blue half of Liverpool.”

Yeah, this whole 10-point deduction doesn’t feel all that dramatic, does it? I’ve just crunched the numbers, equations, etc and Everton would be ninth at the moment if they hadn’t been punished. Quick maths.

“It turns out The Hollies’ drummer Bobby Elliot is from Burnley, so how about some Hollies?” writes Joe Pearson. “In other news, I have never seen Love Actually.” Well, Joe, I’ve never listened to The Hollies. So here we go.

HALF-TIME: Burnley 0-2 Everton

45+5 min: An Everton free-kick finds the hands of Trafford and the half-time whistle is blown. The visitors have been dominant, hassling away off the ball and making great use of their set-pieces.

45+3 min: Godfrey with a goal-saving interception! A chipped ball over the top finds Vitinho in the box, who crosses in from the right with Amdouni waiting to tap in from a couple yards out… but a sliding Godfrey gets back to divert the ball away for a corner. Terrific defending.

45+1 min: Burnley escape any further punishment.

45 min: Bruun Larsen’s free-kick doesn’t cause Everton any bother and they respond through McNeil winning a corner at the other end. Four minutes added on.

44 min: Patterson has a sweep at Odobert’s legs and Burnley win a free-kick out on the left in a dangerous area.

42 min: McNeil and Vitinho tussle away out on Everton’s left, and Harrison collects the leftovers, trying to play a low ball into the box which is dealt with by the Burnley defence. Everton’s work-rate has been terrific.

40 min: Everton work it around the pitch before Patterson collects out on the right to cross in, but it’s snuffed away by Burnley.

38 min: Odobert tries to block a pass with his… head – think Phil Jones from a few years ago against, I think, Arsenal? He’s hurt himself in the process. Kompany gathers his troops for a pep talk.

36 min: Onana goes down by the halfway line, with Everton winning a free-kick. Pickford comes forward to take it, sending it into the box for Tarkowksi to get a head on the ball… but it loops up high enough for Trafford to safely collect.

35 min: McNeil pings the ball to Harrison out on the left, and he tries to find Garner, advancing forward from midfield, but Burnley end up with a throw.

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