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Jürgen Klopp has just been having a chat. Quotes coming up …

Thanks John and hello everyone.

I can only echo Sean Dyche’s wise words: “It is what it is – let’s got on with it, type thing.”

It’s time now for Luke McLaughlin to take the reins. Plenty of pressers to come.

‘It’s not the same’: Guardiola on Everton and City’s charges

It’s all go: Pep Guardiola was asked to compare the 115 charges Manchester City face to the punishment Everton are currently railing against.

“Why should I not believe? It’s the lawyers to make the defence in front of the judge. I didn’t change my opinion, we wait and after we accept the resolutions.

“I’m not going to say one word about Everton because I don’t know the reality of what happened. They are two completely different cases. I know people are saying why don’t City go to the Conference but let’s wait. It’s two different cases, it’s not the same. One of them is longer, it’s more complicated.”

‘Disproportionate’: Dyche speaks out on Everton points deduction

The Everton manager has spoken:

I think like everyone in these parts is, we’re shocked. Seemingly the wave of noise after that was most people in football were shocked. The enormity of it. Disproportionate is a word that has been used by the club.

Obviously we’re going to feel aggrieved by that. On the other hand it doesn’t change the focus. The focus since I’ve been here has been about sorting things out on the pitch. Getting the team to win, getting the team to feel different, performances to be different. We were obviously on the right lines for that and delivering strong performances I felt.

This has given us a push backwards to come forwards again. The job hasn’t changed for me. It’s obviously made it a bit more difficult until the appeal of course.

It changes the viewpoint but it doesn’t change what we’re doing. In fact it enhances what we’re doing. We’ve just got to go harder for longer and stronger. This is what it is.

It’s been more about refocus than anything. The group have been really good I must say. The characters we’ve got. Seamus Coleman is a good voice. Ashley Young has excellent experience. James Tarkowski, Jordan Pickford, all the senior boys are rallying.

It is what it is, let’s get on with it. There have been plenty of challenges since I’ve got here. This is the next one.

Pep Guardiola hopeful Haaland will be fit

“He trained yesterday with some slight niggles, but today is our last training session and hopefully he can be a part of it,” is the City manager’s verdict, ahead of the Liverpool game. More to follow from him and Jürgen Klopp.

Culture Corner: part deux.

Stasi FC, a terrifying new Sky documentary, serves as a reminder that real socialism was just as capable of building crushing monopolies as turbo-capitalism. East Berlin super-club BFC Dynamo may have won the German Democratic Republic’s championship for a record-breaking 10 years on the trot, but it did so by being a bullying behemoth that makes teams like Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain look like well-meaning grassroots initiatives, and the terraces of Millwall FC like a haven of political correctness. It used the secret police to spy on its own players, and brutally retaliated against footballers who made the switch to West German football – potentially going so far as to assassinate them.

Millie Bright out for England

Big loss for England ahead of their important Nations League matches. Manchester United defender, Millie Turner, has been called up in her place.

Per the FA: “The Manchester United defender will report with the rest of the Lionesses squad at St. George’s Park on Monday 27 November after previously being included in senior squads. Turner has been capped at WU19s and WU23s level.

“Turner replaces Millie Bright who has withdrawn and will remain at Chelsea for treatment on a knee injury. The 23-player squad will face the Netherlands at Wembley Stadium on Friday 1 December before the Nations League group stage concludes with a trip to Scotland on Tuesday 5 December.”

We can today confirm that Chelsea captain Millie Bright will not feature in England’s forthcoming UEFA Women’s Nations League matches and will remain with the club for treatment on a knee injury.

— Chelsea FC Women (@ChelseaFCW) November 24, 2023

Despite Everton’s points deduction, Burnley are still bottom of the Premier League. And yet Vincent Kompany is not under too much pressure just yet. He spoke earlier this morning.

“When nobody believes anymore, I’ll be still the last man believing until the end. It lives in the team, it lives in the squad. I don’t think we have to ever doubt we can put a run of results together. It’s been details that have cost us, individual details sometimes as well. But I see solutions. That’s my job as a manager to try and offer solutions to the team and help them.”

Culture corner: Millwall, the Movie.

Few people approach Millwall – or indeed a documentary about Millwall – without preconceptions. I know I did and Lawson plays with this. The film focuses heavily on the diversity of the fanbase: black fans, female stewards and the Millwall Romans – an LGBTQI+ team associated with the club.

Pilots to assist VAR process?

Per Reuters

British Airways pilots have been enlisted to help improve the communication of Premier League officials during VAR reviews, The Times reported, after Liverpool wrongly had a goal disallowed earlier this season due to a blunder.

In a presentation to top-flight officials, pilots Chris Heaven and Pete Nataraj stressed the need for clarity and accuracy in communication, with minimal syllables and no informal language.

Liverpool’s Luis Diaz had a goal wrongly disallowed for offside in a 2-1 loss to Tottenham in September after chaotic miscommunication between the VAR and assistant VAR Darren England and Dan Cook and the on-field referee Simon Hooper.

The audio of the incident was met with severe criticism of the decision making process and the language used, with the officials using phrases such as “well done boys” and “cheers, mate”. The 45-minute presentation addressed the similarity of the roles, and the importance of filtering out the white noise in order to focus with complete clarity.
A full review of VAR procedures was ordered after the Diaz incident.

I was watching footage of the Cristian Romero/disallowed goal/penalty call today from the VAR room. Chaotic and informal. So many nicknames. It needs to be like air traffic control.

David Hopkins gets in touch: “Great to see Mikel Arteta making good use of the freedom of speech that our forefathers fought so hard for. Can’t but wonder though what the venn diagram overlap would be between his aim of ‘improving the game’ and ‘getting a couple of marginal decisions to go his way because the officials don’t want the aggro’.”

My gaffer has just reminded me that Manchester City have not vice-captains, but five captains. Pep’s the boss, right? Kevin De Bruyne, Kyle Walker, Bernardo Silva, Ruben Dias and Rodri are all part of the leadership group and the new club captains. Leadership group is very Australian cricket.

Newcastle face Chelsea on Saturday, though with a heavy injury list, with Lewis Hall ineligible. Still, they will soon be able to sign players on loan from Saudi after this week’s Premier League vote. Eddie Howe has been speaking:

“You say Newcastle were favoured but it was a Premier League vote. We’re not the only club involved in that vote. I think the majority of the Premier League and other clubs around the world [benefit] so it’s not solely on us, I don’t think.

“Newcastle, our club, had a view. We voted in a way, a way that we’re allowed to, and the vote came out on the side that it did. I think just from my dealings with it, we’re very relaxed on it. It’s not the be-all and end-all for us. We’ve got a squad that we really like. Now if we get players fit before January then the need to recruit will become much less intense for us.”

Mikel Arteta is an early riser for his Arsenal press conferences on Friday and has confirmed that Gabriel Jesus will be fit to play against Brentford, with both Ben White and Martin Odegaard in the mix, too.

He’s also turned his ref rage after the Newcastle game, somehow making it a freedom of speech issue. Yes, really.

We tried to give our points and our reasons why. There is a process and when you get asked to give your observations you have to do it in the right way. I think it’s good that we’re communicating. We all want to improve the game. To have that we have to have freedom of speech respectfully and in a constructive way. It’s good that they are talking.

From Thursday, Paul MacInnes examines the various forces pulling the Premier League in various directions.

On Tuesday Premier League clubs voted against a proposal to temporarily ban loans of players between clubs that share the same ownership. They also voted against tougher rules on clubs doing sponsorship deals with companies that have ownership links. Both changes had been proposed by the Premier League and were rejected. This doesn’t happen very often at all.

Will Unwin has been counting the cards so you don’t have to.

Last season a conservative 30 sendings-off were dished out in 380 matches and after 120 games this time the figure is only three fewer. Admittedly, 2022-23 was an outlier – in the previous four seasons there was an average of 45.5 dismissals – with the second fewest red cards in Premier League history and was not, it would appear, the start of a trend. If the rate of reds continues there will be 85 this season. The league record is 76, from 2005-06.

Trent Alexander-Arnold is going for it, and why not?

Side-note: is any club as obsessed with the role of “vice-captain” as Liverpool? Who’s your team’s vice-captain? Favourite vice-captain? Call us here on 606. Get in touch.

There will be a protest at the Premier League offices today from Everton fans, and their players are not taking the matter lying down either.

“I expect the weekend to be no different – if not, more electric,” said Dominic Calvert-Lewin ahead of Manchester United’s visit.

“I’m sure the fans will be ready. Us as players, we’ll prepare the same as normal and make sure we’re ready to put in a performance and collect the three points. I think, given the circumstances, I’ve sensed a lot of unity and togetherness. We were off on the international break when the news broke, but coming back in this week, I don’t feel like it’s fazed us players

“We know, as a group, we can’t affect that. All we can affect is what’s in front of us, and that’s the game on Sunday, so we’re looking forward to that.”


Good morning, and welcome. Plenty to look forward to, including the battles between Merseyside and Manchester. There may also be developments in the continuing politics of the Premier League and the Everton situation as club football resumes until March. International football is safely back in the box for now.

Join me and my colleagues.

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