India v England: one-off women’s Test, day two – live | England women’s cricket team

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Key events

WICKET! Dean lbw Rana 0 (WICKET 131-8)

Dean reviews – because at this stage why not – but DRS shows her going for a pull and being hit on the top of leg, very much in line.

32nd over: England 130-7 (Cross 0, Dean 0) A maiden from Deepti Sharma, India bubbling and circling like a drinks party.

31st over: England 130-7 (Cross 0, Dean 0) One of the more disastrous post-drinks sessions of recent memory. England’s goose smelling pretty cooked now with NSB gone.

WICKET! Sciver-Brunt b Rana 59 (England 130-7)

What a ball! Sciver-Brunt, who has been so good, rocks back to cut and loses her stumps to a ball that rips in.

30th over: England 126-6 (Sciver-Brunt 59, Dean 0) So Deepti Sharma now has three for seven and England are slipping rapidly towards follow-on territory.

WICKET! Ecclestone b Sharma 0 (England 126-6)

A static Sophie Ecclestone is skittled by one that creeps through, zips back and clomps the stumps.

WICKET! Jones c Verma b Deepti 12 (England 126-5)

Ah. Unlucky Amy Jones. Cracks the ball into the helmet of Mandana at short leg, from where it riccochets into the air and into the hands of the delighted Shafali Verma.

29th over: England 126-4 (Sciver-Brunt 55, Jones 12) Thanks Daniel, enjoy your slumbers. Well, England are in a pickle. Still, perennial rescuer NSB is still there with fifty under her belt, and Amy Jones belts Rana for two fours in the first over after tea.

That’ll be drinks and the end of my shift. Thanks for sticking with me through the early hours. I enjoyed watching Sciver-Brunt do her thing. Can she keep going and dig England out of a hole? Tanya will see you out the close. Ciao!

28th over: England 117-4 (Sciver-Brunt 55, Jones 3) Imperious from Sciver-Brunt as she gets down low to sweep Sharma in front of square. She picked the length so early and fully committed to the stroke. She’s playing a different game to the rest of her teammates. She takes a single off her hips while Jones is off the mark with a couple of singles herself.

27th over: England 109-4 (Sciver-Brunt 50, Jones 0) Sciver-Brunt reaches her fifty from 63 balls with a jabbed single in front of point. She raises her bat but the celebration is muted. She knows she’s got a whole lot of work left to do.

26th over: England 108-4 (Sciver-Brunt 49, Jones 0) A brilliant start from Sharma who watched as Wyatt tried to play a premeditated sweep from her first ball. So she gave next delivery some air which saw it bite into the surface and turn and bounce. What a lovely piece of bowling that was to further amplify her team’s advantage with another timely wicket. Amy Jones has a serious job to do and starts by seeing out a maiden.

WICKET! Wyatt c Rodrigues b Sharma 19 (England 108-4)

Deepti Sharma strikes with her second ball. What an inspired bowling changed. She flights it around Wyatt’s off stump and it’s a tame poke at the ball with hard hands. It turns, catches the inside edge, ricochets off the bad and spoons up for Rodrigues at forward short leg.

25th over: England 108-3 (Sciver-Brunt 49, Wyatt 19) Vastrakar has lost her radar and that allows Wyatt to play two strokes of real authority. The first is a short and wide gimme that is creamed through backward point to bring up England’s 100. Two balls later a half volley on the pads is dealt clipped with a flourish. The over ends with a full and wide ball that Wyatt chips to the sweeper on the off-side to keep the strike.

24th over: England 99-3 (Sciver-Brunt 49, Wyatt 10) A pair of twos – one backward of square where she’s been productive all day, the other past slip – sees Sciver-Brunt move herself and her team to the edge of milestones.

23rd over: England 95-3 (Sciver-Brunt 45, Wyatt 10) The merest inside edge saves Wyatt, though to be fair she knew immediately that she’d got bat on it. Quality bowling from Vastrakar who pulled her length back after getting pinged through the covers for four. That stroke showed Wyatt’s class but she’ll want to be more watchful to the one that nips back of a good area.

Just as I’ve said they can’t afford to lose a wicket Wyatt has been given out lbw! She reviews immediately. Two sounds maybe.

It’s been an odd morning. It’s felt as if England have been in control and yet they’re battling to hang in there. As Guy says, they haven’t helped themselves with that needless run-out.

England are making life hard for themselves @danielgallan. And while 450+ is a huge score, we are more than capable of getting there. But run outs like Beaumont’s really hurt us, so you hope these two can bed in. They are really class batters.

— Guy Hornsby (@GuyHornsby) December 15, 2023

22nd over: England 89-3 (Sciver-Brunt 44, Wyatt 5) Renuka pushes one down leg and it trickles away for four byes, which is harsh on Bhatia standing up the stumps. A single apiece for Wyatt and Sciver-Brunt keeps the score ticking. They’re still 339 runs behind. They simply cannot afford to lose another wicket any time soon.

21st over: England 83-3 (Sciver-Brunt 43, Wyatt 4) Vastrakar is back and there’s a chance in the slip cordon from her first ball. It’s banged in short and Wyatt leans back and prods at it. Rather than flying to the boundary it balloons off the face and has both first and second slip leaping for it. Luckily for Wyatt she gets just enough wood on it and it bounces away for four.

20th over: England 79-3 (Sciver-Brunt43, Wyatt 0) A maiden from Renuka as Sciver-Brunt contemplates her next move while seeing out the over.

You said it, Raf.

19th over: England 79-3 (Sciver-Brunt 43, Wyatt 0) Sciver-Brunt will need to put that run-out out of her mind as quickly as possible. It was certainly her fault. There was just no need for a run there. Especially as she started the over with a well struck punch through midwicket that skipped away for four.

WICKET! Beaumont run-out Vastrakar 10 (England 79-3)

A direct hit and Beaumont is gone! That felt so unnecessary. Then again, run-outs in a Test always do. Sciver-Brunt prodded to the on-side and set off. She stuttered for a fraction and that meant Beaumont, who hadn’t exactly exploded out of the blocks, was always going to struggle to make her ground, even with a desperate dive at the end, if the pick and throw was accurate. Excellent fielding from Vastrakar running in from midwicket has put India in firm control of things.

18th over: England 75-2 (Beaumont 10, Sciver-Brunt 39) Renaka returns and she immediately finds the outside edge of Sciver-Brunt. It falls just short of Rana at first slip. She got her hands to it but just couldn’t jam her fingers between the ball and ground. But that was very close. Wonderful ball to draw the false prod. Sciver-Brunt gets off strike the next ball with a well-timed clip worth three runs through midwicket. Beaumont defends the rest of the over.

17th over: England 72-2 (Beaumont 10, Sciver-Brunt 10) Gayakwad’s slow left armers from the round the wicket get us going again. There’s an uncontrolled drive from Sciver-Brunt that has a few Indian fielders on the off-side momentarily excited, but it squirms away for a safe single. Beaumont skips down the track and wristily lifts the ball over wide mid-on for four take take reach double figures.

We’re back. England will want more of the same from their set batters, especially Sciver-Brunt who has been imperious.

Not saying she’ll do it in this match, but feels like Nat Sciver-Brunt will surely break the record for fastest women’s Test hundred at some point (current record is 106 balls faced).

— hypocaust (@_hypocaust) December 15, 2023

Lunch: England 67-2 (Beaumont 6, Sciver-Brunt 35)nt

Two singles and a speculative appeal for a catch at second slip – that was clearly a bump ball from a Beaumont check drive – closes out the final over the session. One for the bowlers as five wickets fell though there’s no question you’d rather be in the Indian camp. But Sciver-Brunt is batting like a dream and Beaumont is stubbornly playing the anchor role. A deficit of 363 runs feels gargantuan now but there’s a long way to go in this match.

Catch you after the break.

15th over: England 65-2 (Beaumont 5, Sciver-Brunt 34) Sciver-Brunt is now operating at a run a ball thanks to two fours in the Gayakwad over. The first came from a half-tracker that was thwacked in front of square on the pull. The second was a drive down the ground that had mid-off interested for a time, but was hit with enough power to take it past the diving fielder.

14th over: England 57-2 (Beaumont 5, Sciver-Brunt 26) Two more for Sciver-Brunt as she works a couple past midwicket. She might have had four more were it not for some swift work by the fielder at mid-off after a sweetly timed drive down the ground. More good fielding at short leg keeps a firm flick down to just a single so Sciver-Brunt will keep the strike.

13th over: England 54-2 (Beaumont 5, Sciver-Brunt 23) Another wonderful shot off the back foot from Sciver-Brunt adds four more to her tally. Gayakwad drags down and is punished through a wide mid-off. Another drag down is belted straight to the fielder sweeping behind square on the leg side so it’s just a single. Beaumont is content to play the anchor role and defends to close out the over.

12th over: England 49-2 (Beaumont 5, Sciver-Brunt 18) Oooh, umpire’s call saves Beaumont. It’s a wonderful ball from Vastrakar that beat the batter on length. Beaumont was stuck on her crease and couldn’t prevent the in-ducker from crashing into her front pad. It would have gone on to hit the stumps but made contact just outside the line of off-stump. Sciver-Brunt is having no such troubles. She creamed a gorgeous back-foot drive for four before taking a single behing square on the leg side. For my money, she’s the best women’s cricketer in the world and she’s looking like a million bucks so far.

There’s another review and this one could be tight. Vastrakar is full and swinging in to Beaumont who is trapped on the crease, barely pressing forward. The original decision is not out. Stand by…

11th over: England 44-2 (Beaumont 5, Sciver-Brunt 13) A change of bowling as Gayakwad’s slow left arm enters the scene. Beaumont expertly uses the crease as she rocks back and takes two with a neat back-foot punch through cover. Gayakwad then gets it fuller and Beaumont has no choice but to defend the rest of a probing over.

10th over: England 42-2 (Beaumont 3, Sciver-Brunt 13) It’s a maiden from Vastrakar despite Sciver-Brunt biffing it either side of the wicket. The Indian fielding this morning has been brilliant and it restricts a now fluent Sciver-Brunt.

9th over: England 42-2 (Beaumont 3, Sciver-Brunt 13) Back-to-back boundaries for Sciver-Brunt who seems totally nonplussed by the scoreboard. The first was a flawless drive through extra cover. The second was slightly more fortuitous as she failed to get to the pitch of one slightly shorter in length but still managed to get enough bat on it to reach the backward point boundary. Singles either side of that for both batters means it’s a productive over for the tourists.

8th over: England 32-2 (Beaumont 2, Sciver-Brunt 4) Eight runs and a wicket. Quite an eventful start for Vastrakar. She started by tamely serving up a half volley for Knight and was duly dispatched to the cover boundary. She then corrected and nabbed the England skipper plumb in front. Another throw-down was then bunted by the ground by the new batter, Sciver-Brunt, who leaned into a lovely on-drive.

WICKET! Knight lbw Vastrakar 11 (England 28-2)

Huge wicket! The England captain is gone. After crunching the previous ball for four through the covers, she’s pinned back in her crease to one that moved through the air. It looked plumb at first viewing though she desperately reviewed. No reprive. Vastrakar, into the attack, gets a big scalp with her third ball of the match.

Knight’s in trouble! That looked plumb but she reviews. I think she’s a goner.

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