Palestine v Australia: 2026 World Cup qualifier – live | World Cup 2026

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Key events

90+1 min Palestine have five added minutes to find an equaliser.

89 min Baccus is penalised for handball on the left wing, another chance for Palestine. It’s half cleared and then swung back into the area. There’s a big penalty appeal when Wadi is challenged by Borrello right on the edge of the area. The referee says no and replays show that both players missed the ball.

87 min Al-Battat’s free-kick is headed away emphatically by either Souttar or Duke at the near post.

86 min: Palestine substitution Before the free-kick is taken, Mahmoud Wadi comes on for Zaid Qunbar.

85 min Miller tangles with Qunbar on the left edge of the area and is penalised, a little harshly I think. This is a chance for Palestine.

84 min Metcalfe’s deep corner is headed wide by Irvine, though the whistle had gone for a free-kick. Good thing for Irvine because it was basically an open goal.

83 min A good move from Australia. Borrello’s floated cross is headed down by Metcalfe to Duke, back to goal near the penalty spot. He tees up the onrushing Irvine, whose shot is deflected behind from a corner.

81 min: Palestine substitution Islam Batran replaces Tamer Seyam, who was denied an equaliser by that remarkable save by Mat Ryan.

80 min Another desperate long-range shot goes high over the bar, this time from Seyam. Palestine have been impressive in many facets of the game, but they lack patience in the final third.

78 min After a nice run down the left by Bos, Baccus pings one from 25 yards. it hits Termanini and flies out for a throw-in.

77 min Cmilio Sandana has been booked, I think for dissent.

76 min This has been a tough game for Australia. Their attacking play has been unconvincing and, though Souttar and Rowles have been excellent, it still took an extraordinary save from Mat Ryan to maintain the lead.

73 min: Palestine substitution Mohammad Rashid is replaced by Oday Kharoub.

72 min: Chance for Palestine! A match is never safe at 1-0. Abu Warda nicks the ball and feeds it into Dabbagh near the penalty spot. He takes a touch and hits a shot on the half turn that deflects behind for a corner. I’m not sure who made the block but it was a crucial one.

68 min Rowles is booked for a late, clumsy tackle on Dabbagh.

65 min: Bos hits the bar! The resulting corner, taken by Goodwin, is thumped against the crossbar by the head of Jordy Bos! He arrived late and unmarked, eight yards out, and will be frustrated that he didn’t score.

That said, Hamadi may have got a slight touch to divert the ball onto the bar; if he did it was a brilliant save. (I don’t think he did but you’ve got to cover all bases eh.)

64 min: Fine save by Hamadi! That’s the best move of the match. Duke backflicks the ball to Borrello, who returns the favour with another jaunty flick. Duke slides it back towards Borrello, who shoots first-time from the edge of the area. Hamadi gets down smartly to his right to push the ball behind.

62 min Miller screws a good pass into Metcalfe on the edge of the area. He can’t decide whether to shoot or pass, however, and Saleh (I think) makes a good tackle.

61 min: Double substitution for Australia Jordy Bos and Brandon Borrello replace Craig Goodwin and Martin Boyle.

58 min Ataa Jaber has another wasteful shot from distance, slicing well wide with his left foot.

57 min Miller’s low cross is cut out at the near post by Saleh. As well as Palestine have defended, Graham Arnold will be disappointed with Australia’s work in the final third.

54 min There’s a brief bit of needle between Saldana and Miller. The referee invites them both to act their age and play resumes.

53 min A good spell for Palestine leads to a corner on the right. It’s taken short and half cleared to Ataa Jaber, who smashes a volley into orbit from 25 yards.

51 min A poor ball from Ataa Jaber allows Australia to break, but they take too long and eventually Goodwin’s pass towards Irvine is cut out.

49 min Australia are very happy to eat up the time by passing the ball around in the middle third. Palestine will have to alter their approach at some stage.

Australia's Connor Metcalfe, middle, battles for the ball with Palestine's Mohammed Saleh.
Australia’s Connor Metcalfe, middle, battles for the ball with Palestine’s Mohammed Saleh. Photograph: AP

46 min The Socceroos begin the second half. No more substitutions on either side.

Mat Ryan’s save

I’ve seen a replay now and it’s even better than it looked on first viewing.

Half time: Palestine 0-1 Australia

The Socceroos lead in Kuwait, thanks mainly to the head of Harry Souttar and the hands of Mat Ryan. They haven’t played well, particularly in open play, but they’re ahead.

45+1 min: Great save by Ryan! What a chance for Palestine. The corner was taken short to Al-Battat, who swung a cross towards the far post. It bounced off Ataa Jaber and back across goal towards Seyam, barely three yards out. He stabbed the bouncing ball towards goal and Ryan, who charged back across his line and threw himself at Seyam’s feet, somehow clawed the ball round the post with his right hand. I’d like to see a replay but that looked like a seriously brilliant save.

45+1 min There will be two minutes of added time. Al-Battat charges down the cross and whips a cross that is shinned behind for a corner by Behich.

45 min Palestine have got two players marking Souttar now. But this time Goodwin’s corner evades him and is booted away at the near post.

43 min Metcalfe’s cross hits Saleh and goes behind for a corner. Harold Souttar Esq. is jogging forward.

42 min Palestine are definitely picking their moments to press. At some stage they will have to be more aggressive without the ball; for now it’s more important to stay within range of the Socceroos going into the last 20 minutes.

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